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Looking for Laptop Repair, Desktop Repair? You are in right place. Get in-home/at centre laptop repair and desktop repair for all the brands anywhere in Bankura.

Get Onsite / At Service Center Repair Service For Desktop, Laptop, Today.

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Desktop Repair

A Full-service Repair Center for all your desktop issues

Laptop Repair

A Complete Repair, Service and Diagnosis Center for Laptops

Peripheral Sales

LCD Display, Keyboard, Adaptor, RAM, SSD, Harddisk, Battery, SMPS, Assemble Desktop, etc.

AMC Services

CCTV installation, Desktop, Laptop Servicing & Maintenance, Data Backup, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get All Types of Desktop Repair Service For All Brand Anywhere In Bankura.

Q. How do I book PcVinci laptop repair services near me in Bankura?

Open the PcVinci website and book your inspection or call us at 973-513-5860. You will get service at your doorstep/centre.

Q. Does PcVinci offer laptop repair services at home in Bankura?

Yes, our laptop repairing centres in Bankura offer home laptop repair services in Bankura. However, certain issues might require the technician to take the laptop to their service centre.

Q. How much time does it takes to repair the computer in Bankura?

It takes not more than a few hours to one day. However, if there is a major issue it might take a week.

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What We Do

Computer Repair Service in Bankura

PcVinci provides you with a complete Computer Repair in Bankura. Whether it’s laptop repair service in Bankura or Computer repair service in Bankura; we offer competitive rates for any brand for the same. Whether it is for general repairs, cleaning or installing upgrades we are here to help you. We quote before we repair and same day service is available at your request if possible.

So if you are searching for Laptop screen repair in Bankura, Monitor repair in Bankura, Computer software download in Bankura, Computer shop in Bankura, Or computer shop in Bankura for troubleshooting hardware issues then We can source and fit spare parts for any models of laptop or desktop computer like Lenovo laptop, HP laptop, Dell laptop etc at low prices and in a short time-scale. We provide a range of services including motherboard replacement, screen replacement, battery & power supply replacement, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get All Types of Desktop Repair Service For All Brand Anywhere In Bankura


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